I Raised $800K in 100 Days Of a Political Campaign.

100 days ago, I launched my campaign for State Assembly in San Francisco. As a first time candidate, many doubted we could get endorsements, or volunteers, or donations.

100 days later, we’ve earned dozens of endorsements, mobilized hundreds of volunteers, and raised nearly $800,000.

How one runs a campaign is emblematic of how they will govern. For us, that means both running a clean and transparent campaign. And in the spirit of transparency, I wanted to dive deeper into our financing to date.

In total to date we have raised nearly ~$800,000 across 524 contributions.

That is nearly $400,000 from individual donors. Quadruple one of the other candidates and commensurate to another — both 20-year veterans of SF politics.

But we also have to compete against special interests. One of the other candidates has $680,000 in independent expenditures spending on his behalf. So I contributed $400,000 out of my own pocket, because I believe so deeply in this campaign and our ability to address the challenges we face.

As the race has progressed, we’ve seen steady growth in donations still — with a 50% increase between October to December in the number of donations per month.

To be effective in government though, one must also be devoid of special interest money.

Which is why we took a clean campaign pledge from day one. No donations come from corporate PACs - or any corporations themselves. No donations come from PACs or executives associated with oil & gas or law enforcement sectors.

We did receive 1 donation from an organization, 3.14 Action, a nonprofit that supports scientists running for office.

Otherwise, all donations received are directly from individuals. I’m proud that 93% of that money is from the San Francisco Bay Area. And within San Francisco, a majority of donations are from the east side in AD17, where we will serve as State Assemblymember.

Overall, we’ve launched a historic campaign in San Francisco. We’ve raised hundreds of thousands in just months, from hundreds of donors, all as a first time candidate.

We’ve done it without any special interests.

And that’s how we’ll govern as well.

**Data reported as of January 23, 2022




Civil Servant & Entrepreneur Fighting for a Green New Deal | Housing | Universal Basic Income | Public Schools

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Bilal Mahmood

Bilal Mahmood

Civil Servant & Entrepreneur Fighting for a Green New Deal | Housing | Universal Basic Income | Public Schools

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