I’m running for State Assembly

I’m excited to announce that I’m running for State Assembly in California’s AD-17 district in East San Francisco.

I’m running for Assembly because San Francisco is headed in the wrong direction, and the status quo is unacceptable.

The American dream of upward mobility is out of reach for most San Franciscans.

We see and feel the realities of this every day: a housing shortage that has led to rampant homelessness, and an oppressive cost of living, pushing families and workers out of San Francisco; a lingering pandemic and public schools that were closed for too long, leading to permanent learning loss; a spike in hate crimes against the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community; and consequences of climate change that threaten our city’s shoreline neighborhoods with flooding and our air quality with toxic smoke.

Despite these harsh realities, I believe in San Francisco.

Our city is resilient — we weather great difficulties and bounce back stronger each time.

But we need a new champion in the State Assembly to shift our current trajectory. We need to deliver real results to solve our city’s most intractable problems. I understand how the public and private sectors can work together to deliver the greatest benefit to everyone.

I’m a policy wonk who has worked on national policy solutions in the Obama administration. And as the son of immigrants who grew up seeing my parents help refugees and workers, I’ve paid it forward throughout my own life by investing directly in people and organizations to empower communities.

With your support, we’ll bring bold new ideas to Sacramento.

We’ll do this by securing a guaranteed income for all, stopping anti-Asian violence and reforming our public schools. We’ll build new systems to stop future pandemics and actually eliminate chronic homelessness. And we’ll create a greener and more sustainable economy by fundamentally reforming our housing policy and subsidizing complete electrification of all vehicles and buildings.

Together, we can ensure San Francisco remains a beacon of hope for equity and justice across all intersections.

Join us at www.bilalforassembly.com



Civil Servant & Entrepreneur Fighting for a Green New Deal | Housing | Universal Basic Income | Public Schools

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Bilal Mahmood

Civil Servant & Entrepreneur Fighting for a Green New Deal | Housing | Universal Basic Income | Public Schools